Peace Is a Versatile Word

peace-world-peace-31167847-471-396Lynn Heritage, who is deeply involved in Wilmington’s local peace movement, was unable to make it to our September 30 event. But she kindly shared the piece she was planning to read: 

Peace is a versatile word in the English language…

It’s a noun: Peace is what we all want.

It’s a verb: They are ‘Peacing’ out at the park today.

An adjective: We’re holding a peaceful meeting this afternoon.

Adverb: They are active very peacefully.

For now, I like to think of Peace as a verb…it expresses an action, an occurrence, a state of being.

It creates motion…the process of being moved… as in…a movement of peace.

Or, an act of “Peacing”!

Old grammarians suggest that a sentence requires, at the very least, a finite verb.

A finite peace is an oxymoron because peace has no limits or bounds….

and that goes back to why I think of Peace as a verb…an infinite verb

an active verb with an agenda…to ignite a movement that will create

a world of people…. “Peacing” with one another….

Only then will our Mother Earth be at Peace…

And then, peace can go back to being a noun….a place called Home.


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